and stop viewing feminists as man haters!

there is so much stupidity here I don’t know where to start

also if you want people to stop viewing feminists as manhaters, maybe you should talk to all the feminists on here who put misandry in their usernames, drink out of male tears mugs or describe themselves as “man hating dykes” and list “misandry” as a hobby

catalling: if you think this something only men do to women, get your head out your ass.

stop calling me bossy when i’m just like my male co-workers: are you sure you’re being exactly like your male co workers?  Because I tend to find feminists use this excuse when they are being worse then bossy and being plain entitled.  You know how people who say “im just telling it like it is” just use that as an excuse for being assholes. 

"stop calling me pet names its demeaning" So all the little old ladies and middle aged shopkeepers who call all their customers "dear" "love" and "hon" are doing it to demean you? Get your head out of your ass with your neurotic first world feminist problems and stop manufacturing new ones.

"stop asking me if im on my period when im upset" well stop making jokes like "stay on your side of the planet and no one gets hurt" or "im on my period and i am legally allowed to kill you".  

"stop telling me im unladylike when i tell crude jokes"  Its not like something this is generally women do to other women, or anything.  The ones who seem to get the most upset over "crude jokes" seem to be feminists. 

"stop telling me im cute when im being angry and passionate about it" 

Just because you’re passionate or angry about something doesn’t mean its important.  Kids are pretty passionate about getting the last cookie.  People are pretty passionate about inane shit like Doctor Who shipping and how many likes their selfies get.  Doesn’t mean shit. 

"Stop using the term friendzoned" You do know that it its a gender neutral term and you can get friendzoned if youre a woman by a man or another woman, for example?  Jesus christ.

"Stop telling me my experiences are invalid" What, you think that because you’re a woman everything you have personally experienced is The Most Important Thing Ever and Relevant to Every Discussion?  Puh-leez. 

"When I’m in a relationship stop trying to get with me" Oh jesus christ, you honestly think this is something only men do to women?  I’ve had straight women trying to get with me when I make it perfectly clear not only am I not interested and in a relationship WITH ANOTHER MAN, i still get "omg how do you know if you’ve never been with a woman" or "you just haven’t met right girl yet LIKE ME".   How about you feminists stop taking things that happen to everyone regardless of sex, and trying to make it seem like it only happens to you so you can have more fertiliser for your victim complexes and already overblown sense of entitlement? 

"stop ignoring comments your friends make towards women" = so basically you want men to fight your battles for you?  

Basically this set is a perfect example of feminism: just a bunch of American women stamping their foot, pouting over first world problems, gendering problems that can happen to anyone to make it seem its something that only happens to women, making demands and accusations and expecting someone else to do all the work for them.

Bollocks to everything i just read. 

"Stop telling me my experiences are invalid" you mean like feminists do to male rape victims

Or feminists do to female rape victims who don’t buy into rape culture hysteria 

or white feminists do to indian girls who say anyone can wear bindis

or feminists do to gay men who complain about homophobia or sexual harassment by straight women 

or feminists do to transmen 

i could go on all day 

"When I’m in a relationship stop trying to get with me"/

Hold the fuck up. So, if a guy stops hitting on a girl because she’s in a relationship, you bitch when he backs off because of nonsense like “he respects another man’s claim more than the woman”. Now, you’re using the inverse as a point of criticism? You can’t have it both ways. Pick one.

Also, consider the following:

-A person catcalling thinks you’re attractive, but doesn’t want to get in a relationship and just wants to pay a compliment

-You might just be acting bossy

-Everybody deals with pet names. If they aren’t rude, quit complaining.

-Stop acting irrationally angry like you’re on your period all the time

-Stop telling crude jokes in places you shouldn’t. Ladylike is generally an old person term, maybe not tell rude sex jokes in front of old people?

-Pick better topics to get passionate about.

-Make your intentions clear early on, don’t act flirty or as if you may be into a sexual relationship with a male friend that you don’t have intentions to be with.

-Not every experience you have pertains to every situation, and, this is key, sometimes people don’t need to hear you tell a similar story or try to one-up their issues.

-I addressed this one above.

-You want me to get into a fight over every time a friend says he would enjoy having sex with a girl? You think I need to take personal offense if my friend calls a girl on being a bitch because you don’t like it. lol, you’re a fucking idiot…

Forgot to mention that one

There’s no pleasing feminists, they just want to queef and pout 

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